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In Debate, Alex Charlton Shows He’s the Clear Choice for the 165th Legislative District


Following tonight’s debate in the Springfield Township Building, Virginia Davis, spokesperson for Alex Charlton, issued the following statement:  “On issues of taxation, education funding, health care, the economy and open space preservation, Alex Charlton showed a command of the issues and a deep understanding of how to tackle these challenges in Harrisburg.” “Alex offered straightforward […]

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Guest Column: Community must join together to battle substance abuse


Guest Column: Community must join together to battle substance abuse By Alex Charlton, Times Guest Columnist Wednesday, October 5, 2016 One in three families nationwide must cope with addiction and substance abuse, and Pennsylvania is no exception. In the past year alone, an estimated 20 million people in the United States were classified with substance […]

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Charlton Statement on Trump Comments


Alex Charlton, the Republican candidate to replace retiring Rep. Bill Adolph in Pennsylvania’s 165th Legislative District, today issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s recently-publicized remarks on women: “As a husband and father of three young girls, I am extremely disappointed by what Donald Trump said in that video and it’s inexcusable. Let me be […]

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About Alex Charlton

Alex Charlton knows what it takes to create jobs. As President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Alex worked with the small and medium-sized businesses that drive innovation and economic growth in Pennsylvania.

Under Alex's leadership, the Chamber was a resource for entrepreneurs trying to get their business off the ground. He helped growing firms access the services and programs they needed to expand and hire. Alex worked with our elected officials at all levels of government to promote job creation, educate our kids to compete for jobs in a modern economy and improve the quality of life in Delaware County. With Alex at the helm, the Chamber cut administrative overhead, expanded its membership and improved services for member firms.

About Alex Charlton

Alex Charlton is running to represent the 165th Legislative District because he knows Harrisburg can do better for families in Delaware County. Alex is the father of three young daughters and there is nothing more important to him as a parent than ensuring they have the education and opportunities they deserve. Learn More.

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