In Debate, Alex Charlton Shows He’s the Clear Choice for the 165th Legislative District

Following tonight’s debate in the Springfield Township Building, Virginia Davis, spokesperson for Alex Charlton, issued the following statement: 

“On issues of taxation, education funding, health care, the economy and open space preservation, Alex Charlton showed a command of the issues and a deep understanding of how to tackle these challenges in Harrisburg.”

“Alex offered straightforward answers about his opposition to increasing personal income taxes, fighting for fair funding for education, supporting liquor privatization and being a partner with law enforcement.”

“Elaine Schaefer, on the other hand, was unable to defend the three tax increases she supported as a Radnor Township Commissioner, and she attempted to disavow her support of Governor Wolf’s budget that would have stuck taxpayers with an $8 billion tax hike.  Elaine Schaefer is wrong — we cannot tax our way into prosperity.”

“And another deeply troubling comment was her misguided belief that we should open the flood gates to unvetted Syrian refugees at a time when the threat from terror groups like ISIS is greater than ever,” Davis concluded.