About Alex Charlton

During his first term in the PA House of Representatives, Alex Charlton has focused on serving his neighbors of Delaware County by fighting to protect people living with disabilities, tax reform, improved education and economic development.

During this legislative session, Alex voted for public pension reform to save taxpayers money, blocked efforts to increase the personal income tax and state sales tax and secured additional funding for our local schools and first responders.

In addition, Alex has been a champion for those with disabilities by introducing legislation that has assisted with funding and other critical care. Alex has also introduced several pieces of legislation that protects our open space, cuts red tape for businesses, allows changes to school start times to better reflect our communities and protects victims such as medical professionals from violence and legal fees for sexual harassment victims.

Alex knows what it takes to create jobs. As a former President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Alex worked with the small and medium-sized businesses that drive innovation and economic growth in Pennsylvania. Alex also served as Chief of Staff to State Sen. Tom McGarrigle.

A lifelong resident of Delaware County, Alex lives in Springfield with his wife, Kira, and their three daughters.